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Get Published

Bring your laptop, tablet, or favorite pen. This year’s Get Published! writers conference will tackle important milestones in your journey to becoming a more proficient writer. Two panel discussions with audience participation will take place, followed by genre-grouped workshops where you’ll be given the chance to put your newfound knowledge into practice under the expert guidance of experienced editors. This year’s topics will be:

Voice and Point of View: How telling the story from different POVs shapes the narrative. How to choose the right POV. How the “voice” and style of writing colors the writing and makes your story unique.

In the workshop you will use guidelines discussed in the panel session to write a short scene based on a writing prompt. You will choose the POV that will shape the character’s perspective and dialogue, making it unique.

Self-Editing: Since sending your best work to an editor greatly increases your chances of acceptance, learning to self-edit to polish and refine your work is crucial. How to examine your work objectively and critically is a skill you must hone to become a successful writer.

For the workshop, please bring a scene you would want to work on editing. Then share with your peers and editors and receive real-time feedback.

This year Get Published! will also include one hour of First Page Critiques.You may submit the first page (400 words max) of one of your stories to have it live-critiqued by our editorial panel. These samples will give attendees an editor’s perspective when reading the opening to your story or book. Due to time constraints, it’s possible not all submitted stories will be critiqued.


The event is free and all day attendance is not required. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018
9:30am - 4:00pm
Main Library
  Main Library  
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